AEMHA Boundary Definition (Arran-Elderslie Minor Hockey)

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The Boundaries of the area of governance will be as follows:


Starting In Cargill on Concession 10 (Greenock Twp)

West to Sideroad 20N (Greenock Twp)

North to County Road 15

North West to Bruce County Road1

North East to County Road 20 of Bruce Twp

Westerly to Sideroad 30

Northeasterly to Bruce-Saugeen Town Line

Westerly to Sideroad 28/29 (Saugeen Shores)

North East to Bruce Road 40 (Saugeen Shores)

East to the Bruce County Road 3

North to Concession 8 W (Arran Twp)

East to the B Line (Arran Twp)

North to Highway 21

East to Elsinore Road (Amabel Twp)

North to High HilI Road (Amabel Twp)

East to the C Line (Amabel Twp)

North to the Blind Line (Amabel Twp)

East to AIlenford Road (Amabel Twp)

South to Fieldside Road (Amabel Twp)

East to County Road 10

Continue East across 10 on the A Line (Georgian Bluffs) to Church Road

South to Highway 21

Continue South on Concession 11 (Georgian Bluffs) to County Road 5

Continue South on Concession 12 to Grey Road 40

West to the Grey Bruce Line

South to Bentinck Sullivan Town Line

East to the Sideroad 5 (Bentinck Twp)

South to Concession Rd 8 (Bentinck Twp)

West to County Road 10

Continue West on Concession 8 (Brant Twp) to Cargill


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